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"A map to navigate today's society" - great review from 'El Ibérico' for 'The End of Everything'

'El Ibérico', the magazine for Spanish people living in London, published a wonderful review of the Spanish edition of "The End of Everything: A Society in Transition" by Adrián Gordaliza Vega: " ... a 300-page essay on contemporary society, a society that has undergone such profound and rapid changes that it has left us perplexed ... One of the author's successes is knowing how to contextualize the fragmentation of today's society with numerous examples that make reading much more enjoyable ... The central thesis is that we are immersed in a period of transition between a modern era, where everything is clearly defined, and a postmodern era where the labels that defined things and people are falling off, they are "deconstructing", especially binary thinking. Not understanding this is not understanding current society or the reality that surrounds us. 'The End of Everything' offers a map to navigate today's society without falling into extreme positions or rejecting all the changes we have experienced." 'El Ibérico' 16th June 2023 (translated from the Spanish). Click here to read the whole review in Spanish.


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