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Amelia Marriette in-depth interview on UK Health Radio - 'Walking into Alchemy'

In a lengthy interview on Health Radio UK, (Alchemy 1.01 Show) Amelia Marriette explained how she came to walk the same 13-mile walk once a week, the restorative & transformative power that nature and walking had on her life and how she came to tell her story by writing 'Walking into Alchemy.' Radio presenter, JJ Stenhouse, said of Amelia's book: "A joyful book to read ... a lovely insight into your [Amelia's] connection with nature ... it's just beautiful ... wonderful & what a lovely concept ...beautifully produced with gorgeous photographs ... you can sense the energy coming through the chapters ... it really is a lovely book." JJ Stenhouse, UK Health Radio, 10th June 2022. To listen to the whole interview click here.

Click here to see more about the book on the Mereo Books website.


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