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Author interview: Elizabeth Coffey discusses life, death & writing with Shaz'sBookBlog

In an inspiring interview about her memoir, 'And the Little One Said' (the true story of how her family was decimated by multiple tragedies & the effect of so many bereavements) author Elizabeth Coffey told Shaz's Book Blog (6th November 2021), "My memoir is about our close-knit family of ten becoming two ... recalling memories made me laugh out loud to myself sometimes. I felt as though I had brought my family back to life. When I tackled the tragic parts I went into a zone ... In the face of so much tragedy I had to dig into reserves of strength I didn't know I had ... We owe it to those we have loved and lost to enjoy the rest of our journey [through life] instead of feeling sad ..." Click here to read the whole interview.


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