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Dr Morgan Phillips in EcoLiving magazine on the challenges of climate adaptation

The Autumn 2021 issue of EcoLiving magazine published a full-page article by Dr Morgan Phillips FRSA, author of "Great Adaptations". In the article, Dr Phillips (who is the Co-Director of The Glacier Trust) outlines our need for good and fair climate adaptation projects as well as discussing "wincingly bad" adaptations which achieve nothing and may even worsen the climate crisis. He says, "The next few decades are going to test the human species in ways they have never been tested before ... The world of adaptation is inspiring and infuriating in equal measure ... Adaptation is inevitable, but maladaptation isn't. The challenge is to keep our adaptations as 'eco' as possible. Great adaptations are possible. ... If you are not already adapting to climate change, you will soon. Do it well. Do it considerately." Click here to explore EcoLiving magazine.


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