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Engineering & Technology Magazine: in-depth interview with Joe Macleod about 'Endineering'

The May 2022 issue of Engineering & Technology Magazine (the journal of The Institute of Engineering and Technology) features an extensive interview with veteran product designer, Joe Macleod, about his campaign to "design products with their demise in mind" for the sake of the environment and for other ethical considerations. As the magazine says, "How do we balance our ethical values and personal wishes with the reality of global economics? How do we build in a sense of responsibility for the fate of all these products that we plan, design, manufacture, market, support and create brand loyalty for? In 'Endineering' Joe Macleod takes us through each of these lifecycle stages, along the way highlighting opportunities for developers to rethink their approach to what happens when our gadgets die." Joe's book 'Endineering' explores the whole manufacturing process from product design, manufacture, the consumer experience and the all important method of disposal at the end of a product's useful life. Click here to read the full interview.


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