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Escapades around the world: author, Stephen Falconer Jones on TalkRadioEurope (TRE)

In his interview on 6th August 2021, Stephen told listeners about his adventures in more that 70 countries - including his early VSO work in Zambia and his career in overseas development work in some of the most troubled regions of the world during the 70s, 80s and early 90s with no internet for travel arrangements and no mobile phones: "It's hard for young people to imagine but back in the early days the only way to communicate was by letter and, later, by telex" he said. Stephen also talked about the tragic impact of the Covid pandemic on the poorer nations of the world. Click here to listen to the interview - select Friday 6th August 10am-11am - the interview begins 30 minutes into the clip (expires 13th August).


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