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'Informative & mind-expanding' says 2-page review from Envirotec magazine

The December 2021 issue of 'Envirotec' magazine published a considered and lengthy review of Arkbound's book 'Climate Adaptation': On the contents page of the magazine, it says that the book, "collects the voices of those most adversely affected [by the climate emergency] and doesn't shy away from presenting radical solutions involving systemic change." The extensive review inside the magazine (1/12/21) and on the Envirotec website (Nov 2021) went on to say that the book: "... deals with the psychological, cultural and practical changes many believe will be necessary ... strategies of adaptation ... to embrace - as an accompaniment to ever more concerted emissions reduction - planning for a world that is changing drastically ... informative and mind-expanding, giving a sense of the field's scope and revolutionary import." Click here to read the full review.


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