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#Living the Dream: ExPat Life Stripped Bare - Carrie Frais interview on TalkRadioEurope

In a 20-minute interview, Carrie Frais - who edited and contributed to #Living the Dream - spoke to TalkRadioEurope's Hannah Murray (26th July 2022) about the challenges faced by women who move abroad. Carrie explained that the nine women who contributed to this anthology of true stories did not regret moving abroad but they had all experienced difficulties as they adapted to their new lives including: starting their own businesses, bereavement, culture shocks, isolation, parenting without family to help ... and they are all still grappling with the implications of BREXIT. This fascinating book includes a commentary by a psychologist who specialises in issues facing ExPats. Click here to listen to the interview: select Tues 26 July; 16:00 – 17:00 - 34 minutes into the hour.


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