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"Shocking ... intense and detailed ... casts light on the dysfunctionalities of the prison system"

A wonderful review for Stephen Jackley's book "Just Time" from the Bude & Beyond website (26th September 2023): " .... stranger than any fiction ... Never before have I read anything about prisons which provides as much day to day detail ... casts light on the inefficiencies but also the dysfunctionalities of the prison system ... closely details the stuff you might expect (drugs, mental health issues, violence, and depressingly poor conditions) but is also shocking (the disparities between sentences for similar crimes and [between] prisons, the impact of budget cuts, staff and prisoner morale, and so on) ... intense and detailed ... It is definitely worth a read for anyone interested in the justice system." Click here to read the full book review. "Just Time" by Stephen Jackley (paperback, £12.99) is published on 2nd October 2023 by Arkbound.


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