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Stephen Jackley on TalkRadioEurope discussing "Just Time" - his memoir of prison life

In a moving interview, author Stephen Jackley spoke at length with Giles Brown on the Let's Talk show on TRE Radio (11:30 European time, 2nd October 2023). Stephen described how he came to write his memoir, "Just Time" about his time as an inmate in numerous UK prisons, the effects of budget cuts, the role of Prison Governors, suicide rates, drug abuse, the differences between state-run and privately-run prisons, life after prison (and his charitable work with Arkbound Foundation), the number of former-prisoners who re-offend and, Stephen talked with passion about how many prisons fail in their role to rehabilitate (not simply to punish.) You can listen to the interview by clicking here, and selecting Mon 2nd October, 11am-12pm. The interview starts 29 minutes into the programme.


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