• Elly

Top Santé magazine 4-page photo feature & book review for "Breaking Free" by Jan Rothney

The July 2022 issue of Top Santé magazine (out 7th June) has a four page feature on Jan Rothney's recovery from chronic fatigue syndrome and her book: "Jan Rothney reveals how she transformed her health and overcame a diagnosis of chronic fatigue". Top Santé featured the story on the magazine front cover, "5 STEPS TO BEAT CHRONIC FATIGUE - Plus one woman's inspiring story" and included a book review of Jan's book, "Breaking Free" (published by Arkbound) on the Reading List books page: "Jan Rothney, who has recovered from CFS, helps you understand the science behind your symptoms, with techniques to speed up recovery and rebalance body systems." Top Santé magazine, July 2022.