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UK Health Radio's fascinating interview with Jan Rothney, author of 'Breaking Free'

In an in-depth interview on Health Radio UK (Alchemy 1.01 Show) Jan Rothney told her own story of recovering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS - previously known as ME) and how she came to set up the Reset to Thrive recovery programme for fellow sufferers and to write her book, "Breaking Free". Presenter, JJ Stenhouse said of 'Breaking Free', "... offers a host of great information that can help people recover from CFS and Long Covid. It is information borne out by her [Jan's] own journey back to wellbeing from what we also call ME ... What a great resource for anyone who is going through this ..." JJ Stenhouse, Health UK Radio (Alchemy 1.01 programme) 10th June 2022. Click here to listen to the interview with Jan Rothney.


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