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"honest, engaging & powerful account of prison life" - Magistrate magazine reviews 'Just Time'

The Winter 2023 issue of 'Magistrate' - the magazine for the 12,000 members of The Magistrates Association - includes a full-page, glowing book review of Stephen Jackley's "Just Time." Magistrate said the book: … highlights the unsettled, frustrating, and sometimes inhumane conditions that become the norm for those serving at His Majesty’s pleasure… this true-life account goes a long way to paint a realistic picture of UK prisons today and the everyday challenges faced by prisoners. With themes such as overcrowding, underfunding, staff shortages and poor living conditions, it would be easy to assume that this book might be rather bleak, but Jackley presents an honest, engaging and powerful account of prison life ... there is no doubt from his account that the prison system is in dire need of reform. Jackley’s raw and honest memoir calls attention to what needs to change and makes a very interesting read.” Magistrate (the magazine of The Magistrates Association), Winter 2023.


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