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Elly Donovan book publicity coach

Book publicity coaching

One-to-one tuition and mentoring for authors 

How to do your own PR campaign and how improve your chances of publicity in the media

A range of one-to-one PR coaching / tuition sessions for authors and independent publishers – customised for you and tailored to your book

All sessions are carried out on Zoom – usually one-to-one although you may wish to invite your publisher or agent to attend your sessions
• Tip sheets, templates and handy check-lists are provided as appropriate
• Q&A: each session allows time for your questions.

Session 1: Foundation – The PR Process – 2 hours:  £100
NB: All clients should undertake Session 1 prior to any further coaching (or mentoring) sessions with Elly. 

This session looks at your aims for your book and how you might achieve those goals. We think about the cut-throat nature of the book industry, the competition to get media attention and how we can improve our chances of success. We examine what we mean by marketing, sales, publicity, advertising ….and what we mean by PR. We discuss what PR can and cannot achieve for a book. We discuss what is involved in PR campaign for a book (the tasks, the order in which they happen and the timing) – and the importance of writing a publicity plan for yourself – as well as how to make the most of your media coverage.

Session 2: Writing your press release – 90 minutes:   £75

What is a press release? Who is it for? What does it aim to achieve? We look at the essential elements of a press release and how to set about writing it. Elly will provide a template press release to help you. We discuss the importance of good photographs and optional elements you may wish to include on your release. We  touch on how you will create a press alert when you send out your press release. (The press alert itself is covered in more detail as part of Session 4).

Session 3: Building your media list (and networking) – 90 minutes:  £75

Who are you going to send your press release to? Using your PR plan to identify the media contacts you wish to target. Sources of media contacts (including Professional PR databases) and how to select appropriate contacts. Being aware of job titles in the media and what they may mean. Networking, your personal and professional contacts, your influence – and building relationships with the media.

Session 4: Sending out your press release and review copies – 90 minutes:  £75

In this session we look at the press alert: what it is and how to personalise it for different types of media and for different types of journalists. We discuss how to sending out the PR campaign and the need to respond rapidly to any requests from journalists & broadcasters. We explore the different types of review copies (advance copies of books for the media) and discuss when and how to send out review copies to journalists and broadcasters – and how to follow-up. We also consider the advantages (and disadvantages) of sending out your PR campaign multiple times.

Session 5: Working with journalists, broadcasters & other media – 90 minutes:  £75

How many types of media outlet are there?  How many types of journalists, broadcasters, podcasters, bloggers and other media are there? How do they differ? Which ones are right for your book?  This session explores what are the media looking for, how you and your book can help – and how that helps your own publicity drive in the process.  We also look at why being organised is so important when dealing with the media; when the best time is for your media coverage to appear; and the implications of agreeing to exclusives, serialisation and extracts. We also explore interview technique plus the Dos and Don’ts if something goes wrong in the media.

Session 6: What else can you do to promote your book? – 2 hours: £100

This session looks at: your internet presence and how to raise your profile on line (including how you communicate on social media); sales materials for potential customers, book-lovers and booksellers; books launch events, book signings  and talks; appearing at literary & arts festivals; entering prizes and awards; writing and placing articles in the media; and running your own competitions or give-away promotions. We also consider when (and how) to send out further PR campaigns to the media.


NB: Refresher Sessions and PR Mentoring are also available. Details on request.

Let’s get started …


Step 1: Your FREE, no-obligation, 20-minute introductory Zoom chat


Complete and submit the form on the ENQUIRE page and Elly will contact you to arrange a date & time for an introductory chat with you about your book and your publicity campaign.


After chatting with you, Elly will send you further information to help you decide whether or not you wish to have some publicity/PR coaching with her and, if so, which sessions might be most appropriate for you and your book.


Step 2: Book your Zoom coaching sessions with Elly

Once you have decided to have one or more coaching sessions, email Elly to let her know which sessions you would like to book. Please note: Elly politely requests that all clients complete Session 1 as a Foundation prior to any further sessions. 


Step 3: Confirmation and paper work

When you have booked your sessions with Elly, she will send you

  • Confirmation of the dates & times of your Zoom sessions

  • Agendas and Zoom links for the session(s) you have booked

  • An Author Questionnaire to complete before your first session to help Elly tailor your sessions to you and your book. 

  • Invoice(s) payable in advance of the session(s) you have booked.

Click here to request a FREE, no-obligation, 20-minute chat with Elly

Request a FREE 20-minute chat with Elly 

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