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Praise for 'Just Time' from Human Givens Journal - a great review for Stephen Jackley

"Few are likely to be as well equipped as Stephen Jackley to throw light on what life is truly like incarcerated as a prisoner, sentenced as a 21-year-olduniversity student to 13 years for armed robbery and associated crimes ... His high intelligence, vivid prose style and voracious need to write result in a detailed recreation of the daily grind of life in high and low security jails, a prison therapeutic community, and an open prison, bringing to life a whole cast of characters - the prisoners he was locked up alongside, and their jailers. ... Prisons, he says, are " the holding pen for society's rejects - a sorry excuse for punishment. There are better ways." And those are not empty words. After release, he set up an award-winning social enterprise aimed at enabling people from disadvantaged backgrounds to fulfil their ambitions and potential." HUMAN GIVENS JOURNAL, VOLUME 30, NO. 2 (DECEMBER 2023).


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