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Scottish poet Clare O'Brien interviewed by 'The Table Read' magazine

Writer and poet Clare O'Brien was interviewed by 'The Table Read' magazine (13 October 2022) about her new collection of poetry, 'Who am I supposed to be driving?' - a tribute to David Bowie - which has just been published by Hedgehog Poetry Press. In the interview, Clare discusses her enduring love of Bowie and how she came to write the poems (each inspired by a different Bowie album). Clare talks about her plans for a novel and another collection of poetry. She also offers some great advice to aspiring poets: "Do it for its own sake ... it's a labour of love" but do "accept any invitations you get to read [your work] on or off the internet. It's very rewarding to see an audience appreciating your work...". Click here to read the full interview on The Table Read.


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