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PR campaigns for authors & publishers

Choose a PR Campaign Package to suit your book & your budget

All three PR Campaign Packages available will offer you:

  • A fixed price for a defined list of PR activities to be carried out over a specified time-span so that you know, from the outset, exactly what will be done for your money.

  • A promise that we will read your book (a service not offered by all PR agencies)

  • An outline PR plan tailored to your book and its target readership*

  • A professional press release for your book

  • Distribution of the press release to appropriate journalists and broadcasters*  

  • The press release for your book will also be available on this website

  • Handling media enquiries on your behalf – acting as the press officer for your book –  for the duration of the PR campaign

  • Sending out review copies to interested media contacts

  • Posts on Twitter and Facebook

  • A press cuttings service to track and supply you with copies of press coverage for your book

  • Ongoing support:  for at least 12 months following the end of the agreed campaign-period, we would continue to forward any further media enquiries to you – so you won’t miss-out on any late media interest generated

*Professional PR database:

As well as having great contacts in the media (relationships built-up over many years) Elly also subscribes to a state-of-the-art, on-line, professional PR database of media contacts in UK and Ireland to help source national, regional, local, subject-specific and niche media contacts for your book. (NB:  we only offer PR in the UK & Ireland.)

The most economical pay-in-advance PR campaign we offer, PR Package 1 is finely targeted and reaches out to approximately 200 UK & Irish media contacts (selected specifically for your book). PR Package 1 is suitable for non-fiction books that are going to be published during the next few months. PR Package 1 is often chosen by first-time, non-fiction or memoir authors or those authors who could not commission a PR campaign earlier in the publishing process. 

PR Campaign Package1 (£900)

This is the most popular pay-in-advance PR campaign we offer. It is suitable for novels, fiction, plays, poetry and children’s books – as well as non-fiction titles, PR Package 2 reaches out to at least 300 UK & Irish media contacts (selected specifically for your book)  This PR package is particularly suitable for books due for publication within the next four-to-six months.

PR Campaign Package 2 (£1200)

This is a wide-reaching pay-in-advance PR campaign which includes some additional activities (when appropriate) such as syndication opportunities and  expert-spokesperson campaigns. PR Package 3 is suitable for fiction and non-fiction books that are due to be published within the next six months. Reaching out to more than 400 UK & Irish media contacts (selected specifically for your book) this PR campaign has a broad scope and is suitable for established authors or those seeking to raise their profile across a wider audience.

PR Campaign Package 3 (£1600)


PR campaigns for books: What? Why? When?

What do we mean by a “PR campaign”?

A PR campaign attempts to engage the interest of journalists or broadcasters and to encourage them to write an article or a review or to interview you about your book. Good reviews, articles and interviews in the media will increase the chances of your book being noticed and being bought by the book-buying public.

Why pay for a professional PR campaign?

Approximately 184,000 books are published in the UK annually according to The Publishers’ Association – that’s roughly 500 books being released every day! With so many books going on-sale continuously, it is simply impossible for every single book to appear in the press or on the radio or TV to get the attention that it may deserve.

Journalists and broadcasters are inundated with communications from publishers and authors who are trying to grab their attention with news of forthcoming books, so trying to get publicity in the media is an extremely competitive business.

A professional book-publicist knows and understands the industry and the media – and knows how to give your book the best possible chance of media coverage in this extremely competitive industry.

There are no guarantees of success in the hyper-competitive book industry. Nonetheless, with a professional PR campaign designed to bring your book to the attention of appropriate media contacts – and with an experienced book-publicist representing your book – you may improve your chances of gaining some coverage (publicity) in the media.

But why not do the PR campaign yourself, as the author?

Why not indeed? Absolutely! With the right skills and contacts you can, of course, do the PR campaign yourself. Some authors choose to undertake their own PR campaigns – and some of them do it very well indeed – especially those who come from a background in journalism, marketing, advertising or related industries. Also, many authors thoroughly enjoy the whole process of doing their own PR.

However, if you are unsure about creating your own press releases for literary/features editors and broadcasters, or you are uncertain about how to distribute press alerts to the appropriate media contacts, or if you are at all concerned about how to handle media enquiries and requests for extracts or exclusives, then you may prefer to commission the help of a professional book-publicist.

When should a PR campaign start?

Ideally, the PR campaign for a book should start a few months ahead of the publication date (the release/on-sale date) for the book.

It is never too early to commission the PR campaign for your book. The sooner work on a PR campaign can begin, the better the chances of obtaining coverage (publicity in the media) for the book. So please contact us as early as possible. (If necessary, you may even consider delaying the publication date for your book in order to allow more time for the PR campaign to be effective.)

PLEASE EMAIL ELLY: elly@ellydonovan.co.uk

Other book PR services available

Interview Technique and Media Training

(£300-£400 depending on requirements)

  • Want to make the most of any interviews you are offered? 

  • Need to brush-up on your interview technique? 

  • Nervous about what to say to journalists and broadcasters?

  • Worried about making a gaff on-air or in a press interview?


If so, you may want to take advantage of our media training service with advice, practise interviews with feedback and personal interview-technique coaching. Our media training is carried out by professional broadcaster (and author) Vicky Edwards.

Elly Donovan PR Services

PR services to promote Events/Launches/Book-signings

(£200-£300 depending on requirements)

Please contact EllyDonovanPR for further information about PR campaigns to promote your events.

NB: If you are planning a large event/launch and require full event-management services (or need help in other ways with your launch, book signings or appearances at events) please do contact EllyDonovanPR to discuss your needs.  If we cannot help you ourselves, we may be able to suggest people who can!

Can’t find what you were looking for ….?

Please get in touch to discuss your specific requirements.  If we cannot help you ourselves we may be able to put you in touch with somebody else who can!