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#WeToo in The White House

Love, Scandals & Power

by Nigel Cawthorne

The private lives of POTUS (President Of The United States) past and present! This explosive book reveals sexual scandals & shocking secrets (some funny, some very sad - and some just bizarre) about US Presidents throughout history - from George Washington to Donald Trump. All the presidential scandals (alleged and proven) brought together in one eye-opening book.

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CHRONICLES OF THE WINTER OF THE WORLD: 1914 - 1918: 5-book-set

All five novels in the WW1 'Tommy Gunn' Adventure Series
Release date: 28 June 2019 to mark the Centenary of the Treaty of Versailles

by leading military historian, JOHN HUGHES-WILSON

"A unique contribution to World War One literature" according to Brian MacArthur, John Hughes-Wilson's five volume-set of historically accurate WW1 novels are now all available in paperback and ebook  as a testament to the heroism and sacrifice of a generation of young men.

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by Julie de Vere Hunt

A highly controversial account of what happened to Mary Magdalene after the Crucifixion of Jesus - the claims in this book will send shock waves through the Catholic Church and beyond.  Publication date: 26 June 2019. (The Feast Day of Mary Magdalene is on 22 July). 

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London's Best Cocktail Bars

The Most Popular Hotspots

by Susan Cohen

The hippest, most up-to-date and stylish guide to London's cocktail scene - inspiration for special celebrations, romantic dates, styllish hen nights or those 'just because' nights out, this is a gorgeous guide book

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The Complete Handbook to an Energy-Efficient and Sustainable Space

by Paul Hymers

The must-have guide to creating an eco-friendly, energy efficient home or premises - written by an experienced building engineer and packed with practical information and money-saving tips to help people to help the planet and improve the quality of life for themselves, their families and future generations.

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1 - Twin Flame Meditations

to help you Understand, Heal & Grow

by Theodora F. Izzard

Through beautiful words and evocative images, this unique exploration of the currently-trending TWIN FLAME phenomenon expresses the life-changing  impact of meeting your very own Twin Flame. Based on the author's own Twin Flame experience, this book will make you think & feel, connect & love - and cry and smile.

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How to find happiness

by Katarina K Valentini

An insightful guide for partners of narcissists - whether they wish to leave their toxic situation or wish to transform it into a happy, healthy and rewarding relationship for both partners. 

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A rebellious dentist bites off more than he can chew
in a shambolic NHS practice

by Michael Hackett

Who knew that a career in dentistry would be like pulling teeth?  This riotous novel is based on the true-life experiences of a dentist who ran away to join the circus.  Comedian Michael Hackett's first book is shocking, entertaining and very funny. 

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